About SATs 2019

SATs 2019 is an incredibly useful practice tool for the Key stage 2 national curriculum. You’ll find more than three years’ worth of actual SATs tests, all online, with automatic marking, saving you hours of time. Plus, quick workouts ( 1-minute, 5-minute and 10-minute durations), that can be used over and again as they’re different each time.  And we’re adding more questions on a regular basis.

We also offer versions with hints for each question (English paper 2 and maths all papers). Hints give helpful reminders of basic knowledge, at the time it’s needed.

Spelling tests come with recordings of the words to be spelt, so students can practice unaided, and check their own work.

Work can be printed or saved, using your browser’s standard PDF software. Then it can be emailed for later review. With most papers, it’s already been marked, so you can just give it a glance-over to see where work is needed. To help you further, marks are totalled for each category of question.

English Reading papers are not marked for you but they can be completed on-screen (with free Adobe Reader program).  This saves a lot of paper, administration and time.

We know every school is on a super-tight budget, so SATs 2019 is priced to offer fantastic value for money —and comes with a 3-day trial period. If you don’t think it’s for you, drop us an email (help@sats2019.uk) to cancel within the trial period and pay nothing. Try a free sample paper now.

  • Up-to-date. All questions are post-2016 style, following the revisions to SATs by the Standard & Testing Agency. We have no old, irrelevant questions.

  • Answers marked for you. Save hours of marking time. Students can practice on their own and print their questions and answers for you to check later. The difference being they have already been marked and scores added up!

  • Print completed papers with answers entered, or just a marks summary, including scores in each question category.

  • 1-minute, 5-minute and 10-minute ‘workouts’ with a different set of questions each time. Students can print their own marks summary. Could there be an easier way to set a short practice assignment?

  • Spelling test audio files. No need to read out loud to a silent class; students can test themselves.

  • Easy admin with just one login for the whole class – only one password to remember! We even take payment by Direct Debit so you don’t need a credit card, only your bank details.

  • English Reading papers that you can complete on-screen. These papers are not marked for you but they can be completed using a computer and Adobe Acrobat Reader (free program for download).

  • Choose the test with hints or without hints for every question. Having hints available can save a lot of hands going up for help.

  • Timed and untimed tests. For when you want to simulate exam conditions or just want to spend time on practice.

  • Fresh content added regularly. We’ll be adding to the library of questions and answers as the year progresses.

  • Suitable for classroom or home use. Reduced rate for parents.

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