Key stage 2 English workouts

Get some practice in, working quickly. Choose a test based on how much time you want to spend on it. The test will end when you run out of time. Questions are chosen randomly so your test is unlikely to be the same test as anyone else’s. You can repeat the same test and you’ll get a different set of questions. See if you can beat your own best score or the national average for that workout. Answers are marked as you go. Hints are available. You can print a summary of your marks at the end, but you cannot print the whole test with your answers. Just for fun you can give yourself a ‘Workout’ name which will be printed on the summary along with your real name.


One-minute GPS Workout


Five-minute GPS Workout


Ten-minute GPS Workout


One-minute Spelling Workout


Five-minute Spelling Workout


Ten-minute Spelling Workout